Welcome to The Regiment Motorcycle Club



Our Motorcycle Club The Regiment was established in 2014 by a group of people whose passion for ride on motorcycles created a very strong and long-lasting friendship bonds.

Most of the people from the Club have been professional in the line of duty soldiers, but a lot of members of the Club were people not related to professional Army service. The colours of the Club reflect the colours of the No. 303 polish Fighter Squadron of the Polish Royal Air Force in Western Europe during the Second World War. At the very beginning of its existence two sections were created – the one located in Poland and the other one gathering the members within UK. In 2015 the two sections split, but the friendship remained and we hope it will last for a long time in the future. Nowadays it is only in UK where the Club still operates and its members are people with clear rules and values. If you are going to respect these rules and values – our members will treat you with respect too. Remember that the members who wear those colours are united with common friendship bonds.